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Welcome to YomYom

We are a licensed courier services and a logistics market place. We work with logistics providers, small businesses and e-commerce giants to meet the logistics needs of consumers.

About Us


A digital logistics market place for informal businesses who want to connect with trusted transport providers. We also provide last mile delivery hubs for the ecommerce market place. YomYom is the premier and only licensed courier services to have started from Northern Ghana. Since its establishment, YomYom has provided food and general delivery services to diverse clients in Ghana using fuel and solar-powered electric vehicles.

What We Do

We provide last mile services for the Following

  • Food and Parcel Delivery
  • Cargo Truck Delivery
  • Same day shipping (by Air)
  • Direct Delivery from Farmlands to Markets
  • Grocery Shopping

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Our Services

Logistics Marketplace

We provide logistics of all kinds(Motorbikes, tricycles and trucks) for individual consumers and small businesses. We ensure your goods are delivered safely from the pickup point to the doorstep of the recipient or place. We provide these services using Solar powered electric vehicles to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and our overall carbon footprint.

Hub Operations

We provide last mile pick up hubs and delivery to e-commerce operators. Our digital warehouse management system ensures that customers of e-commerce operators are satisfied with our services.